MedContour is a medically-certified device using ultrasound to effectively reduce fat deposits in typical problem zones such as the stomach, rear, hips and thigh regions. Worldwide there have been over 1 million treatments with Med Contour!!

The procedure is comfortable for the client, noninvasive and does not require the use of compression garments. In the U.S. this highly successful device is known as VASER Shape. The recommended body forming program involves a thorough initial evaluation, a body composition analysis using a scientifically-proven device (BIA), nutritional consultation, and lymphatic drainage. In general, a special selection of natural products from Unicity are recommended to compliment this program and to ensure long-lasting results.

Fat reduction, Slimming Effect

The MedContour device is a computerized system that uses ultrasound waves and massage therapy to promote the release of lipids from the fat cells into the interstitial fluid. Through stimulation of the lymphatic system, these lipids are subsequently naturally eliminated from the body via liver and kidney. MedContour uses a dual-transducer head that emits a double beam of overlapping ultrasonic energy at a frequency of 1 MHz. The ultrasound beams overlap and treat fatty tissue between 1 cm and 5 cm below the surface of the skin. These beams may be modulated at frequencies between 20 kHz and 60 kHz. (For a detailed study see also „Clinical Effects of Noninvasive Ultrasound Therapy for Circumferential Reduction“, The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Vol. 29, No. 2, 2012, 114-120).

MedContour is presently the only medically-certified device of its kind in Germany. The procedure represents a gentle and effective method for reducing the amount of fat in the body without an operation. In many regards this treatment is superior to liposuction and other invasive methods. The number of treatments for a particular body region depends on the initial figure and the desired results. Typically six to ten weekly sessions are recommended. No fasting or strict diet is required.



Depending on the amount of subcutaneous fat present in the treated area, the MedContour ultrasound device reduces the number of fat cells and/or the size of the fat cells, while stimulating a tightening of the skin. In many cases, cellulite can also be significantly reduced by this method.


MedContour is optimally suitable for

  • all healthy persons with problem zones of excess fat, including relatively thin, slightly overweight and overweight men and women. Severely overweight and unhealthy persons or those with certain chronic diseases can book the personal coach and personal training services at med. BodyForming Mannheim, but need written consent from their medical doctors for other treatments offered here.
  • Men and women over 40 years old who show signs of skin tissue slackening
  • Women over the age of 18 with cellulite

Treatment Duration

  • MedContour: 45 minutes
  • Medi-Lymph-Drainage: 30 minutes
  • Vibrafit medic vibration training: 20 minutes

Typically 4–10 weekly sessions are recommended for MedContour. Meditherm infrared heat treatment is recommended as an adjunct treatment once or twice per month and takes roughly one hour each session. Our facility has showers for use after heat treatments, if desired.

Adjunct Treatments

The complete body forming program includes the one-hour MedContour treatment followed by 30 minutes of the leg massage for lymphatic drainage. Occasional one-hour infrared thermal treatments are recommended for further detoxification and body shaping. Twenty minutes of vibration training with the Vibrafit medic device is the perfect way to round up the body contouring program for optimal results. Whether you need to lose lots of weight or just aim to maintain a good form, we recommend Bios Life products Slim,  Matcha, Lean Complete and Super Chlorophyll. Free product sampling is available at our facility!