nutritional consulting,

  • Weight Loss Consultation for Couples or Individually as Personal Coaching


    Dr. Karen Valentin is a professional nutritional consultant with over 17 years of experience. At the first appointment Dr. Valentin will go through a detailed questionnaire with you to determine the present situation regarding your eating habits, health status, fitness practices, sleeping habits and stress-management measures. All of these matters are highly relevant to a comprehensive weight management program.

    In general Dr. Valentin recommends a body analysis using the scientically-proven Bio-electric Impedance Analysis Device (BIA). The three-page report generated by this quick and non-invasive exam will be discussed with you and serve as a guide for the weight-loss program. The amount of body fat is determined by this device, as well as other important factors, such as total body water, total fat-free mass, the vitality index, nutritional status and the total number of calories you need daily, if you stay at rest.

    Many people know what they should eat, but don't manage to eat properly most of the time and at the right time of day. Dr. Valentin will answer the following questions and others you might have:

    • How can I change my poor eating habits?
    • What can I eat and when?
    • How do I integrate sports into my busy schedule?
    • How can I improve my figure without "dieting"?
    • How can I lose weight in a healthy way?
    • How can I lose weight without being hungry?
    • How can I avoid the yo-yo-effect?
    • How can I have enough energy to lose weight?
    • How can I detoxify my body?

    These and many other questions that you have will be discussed and simple answers offered to help you on your way to improving your figure and your general health.

    Weekly individual appointments are available (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.). Contact us to schedule an appointment.


    • Weight loss consultation is most effective individually or as a couple. The fee for a couple is 80 € for a one-hour session.
    • Individual weight loss consultation: 60 € per hour.
    • Generally weekly sessions are scheduled. The total number of sessions required depends on the individual and will be estimated during the first one-hour consultation.

    Personal Coaching - Individual nutritional consultation and personal fitness

    Our Personal Coaching is the ideal solution for busy people. We concentrate on your current life situation and your eating habits, identify mistakes and discuss simple solutions. Coaching can take place at our practice, by email or by telephone.

    In our fitness room you can train according individually designed programs using free weights, an ergometer and our high-tech Vibration Platform: Vibrafit-medic. If you already belong to a fitness studio, we offer a fitness check with our physical therapist to identify strengths and weaknesses. Our physical therapist will design a personal training program for you to perform at home, at our facility or at another fitness studio.

    Contact us to schedule your appointment.