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Dr. Karen Valentin berät Ihnen gerne, welche Produkte am besten für Ihre Bedürfnisse geeignet sind. Die führenden verschiedenen Naturprodukte der Firma Unicity sind auf dieser Webseite kurz vorgestellt und können in unserem Onlineshop bestellt oder direkt in der Praxis med. BodyForming gekauft werden. Wir unterscheiden hauptsächlich unter Produkte, die zum Abnehmen und Körperform-Optimierung konzipiert sind, und anderen, die für Fitness, mehr Energie,  zur Darmreinigung /Detox bzw. zur Unterstützung der allgemeinen Gesundheit entwickelt wurden. Vereinbaren Sie Ihren persönlichen Beratungstermin bei Dr. Karen Valentin aus, um die Produktwahl zu erleichtern.

matcha X am pm 

The smallest fat burning machine in the world - UNICITY MATCHA X !! The UNICITY MATCHA X System is the leading fat burning product on the market, that is specially designed to burn fat deposits in your body around the clock "24/7". The complete UNICITY MATCHA X System includes 30 portions of UNICITY MATCHA X for your morning high-energy beverage and 30 portions of UNICITY MATCHA X PM for late afternoons. Studies on four continents demonstrated the effectiveness of this system when coupled with reasonable eating habits and exercise. At med. BodyForming we are happy to provide you with guidelines to ensure your best "Body-Sculpting" results during your one to three month program with the UNICITY MATCHA X System!

Unicity Matcha-X-System for Weight-Loss and Bodyforming: Matcha X product data sheet; Matcha X PM data sheet

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  • UNICITY MATCHA for Natural Energy is a blend of Unicity's exclusive Chi-Oka Matcha Green Tea - the most precious green tea in the world! - and Alaska blueberries, Guarana, Yerba Mate and other natural ingredients. 
  • This refreshing beverage is full of vitamins and antioxidants to bring more vitality and energy to your life!
  • 1 package contains 30 sachets à 9g (270g)


Balance for weight-loss

  • Unicity BALANCE is based on the patented, clinically proven Bios-Life-formula and is a revolutionary fiber-rich nutritional beverage with many benefits.
  • The ingredients in Unicity BALANCE support the following: (1) reduction of hunger, enabling you to eat less and stay full for longer; (2) slows down and reduces the uptake of sugar into the blood; (3) supports healthy cholesterol and triglyeride levels as part of an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition.
  • Unicity BALANCE or Bios Life Slim® is a product on the "Cologne List", which lists those supplements in line with the anti-doping regulations.
  • 60 Sachets à 7,25 g (435g)
  • Product data sheet
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Unicity Cleanse 

With three science-based products, Unicity Cleanse is a month-long system that supports the body's natural cleansing process. Our microbiome in the digestive tract is the mix of bacteria which plays a key role in digestion and health issues. Unicity Cleanse goes beyond the scope of a traditional cleanse. During the course of one month Unicity Cleanse helps the body clear the digestive tract, supports the replacement of good bacteria, nourishes the good bacteria with fiber and allows a healthy microbiome to flourish.*

  • 45 Portions LiFiber™ (454g) - a blend of water-soluble and insoluble fiber to support the body's natural digestive functions.
  • 50 capsules of Aloe Vera - for gastrointestinal support.
  • 120 capsules of Paraway Plus - a patented blend of herbs containing natural ingredients that support the digestive tract.
  • Product Data Sheet

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Aloe Vera   HaveYouCleansed

  • Aloe Vera has been treasured for its special properties for over a thousand years. Discover your personal benefits from the high-quality Bios Life® Aloe Vera capsules.
  • 50 capsules
  • Product data sheet
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  • Exposure to air pollution and other environmental toxins requires special aid for our body's natural detoxification system. That is why Unicity Super Green is recommended on a daily basis in over 40 countries of the world.
  • Unicity Super Green uses chlorophyllin, a water soluble form of chlorophyll. In scientific studies, chlorophyllin has been shown to protect DNA from known mutagens. Research studies have also revealed that chlorophyllin is an effective antioxidant.
  • Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of plants, but more importantly for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll helps convert the energy of sunlight into chemical energy, producing carbohydrates and oxygen from water and carbon dioxide.
  • By adding just one portion of  Super Green™ in your drinking water daily, some of the negative stress and acid-producing processes in your body may be offset by the alkalizing effect of Super Green.
  • Super Green is the best sold Unicity product in the world, favored by hundreds of thousands of people in over 40 countries.
  • Content: 92g (30 Portions)


  • Special nutrition to support healthy joint elasticity: Glucosamin und Chondroitin. These substances are found naturally in cartilage between the joints and bone.
  • Content: 60 capsules
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CM Plex     CM Plex

  • CM Plex capsules contain a patented mixture of cetyl esters and natural oils. Taking care of our joints is important to maintain optimal fitness, especially as we age.
  • The human body has over 200 different bones, which are connected to each other by joints, which make movement possible. To ensure that we can continue to move freely, it is important to supply our joints with special nutrients.