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The smallest fat burning machine in the world - UNICITY MATCHA X !! The UNICITY MATCHA X System is the leading fat burning product on the market, that is specially designed to burn fat deposits in your body around the clock "24/7". The complete UNICITY MATCHA X System includes 30 portions of UNICITY MATCHA X for your morning high-energy beverage and 30 portions of UNICITY MATCHA X PM for late afternoons. Studies on four continents demonstrated the effectiveness of this system when coupled with reasonable eating habits and exercise. At med. BodyForming we are happy to provide you with guidelines to ensure your best "Body-Sculpting" results during your one to three month program with the UNICITY MATCHA X System!

Unicity Matcha-X-System for Weight-Loss and Bodyforming: Matcha X product data sheet; Matcha X PM data sheet

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Balance for weight-loss

  • Unicity BALANCE is based on the patented, clinically proven Bios-Life-formula and is a revolutionary fiber-rich nutritional beverage with many benefits.
  • The ingredients in Unicity BALANCE support the following: (1) reduction of hunger, enabling you to eat less and stay full for longer; (2) slows down and reduces the uptake of sugar into the blood; (3) supports healthy cholesterol and triglyeride levels as part of an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition.
  • Unicity BALANCE or Bios Life Slim® is a product on the "Cologne List", which lists those supplements in line with the anti-doping regulations.
  • 60 Sachets à 7,25 g (435g)
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