Relief from Pain associated with Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

For patients diagnosed with craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) we offer special additional treatments aimed to relieve the pain, relax the affected muscles and  regenerate the jaw joint. We collaborate with the reknown dental clinic "Zahnmedizinische Klinik am Wasserturm" - ZKW, which is directly adjacent to our facility in Mannheim.

The ZKW-clinic is lead by Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Valentin, who is an Oral Surgeon specialized in Implantology as well as in the treatment of CMD-patients. Consultation at the clinic is offered in English, German and several other languages.

The MBST®-Magnetic Resonance Therapy for the jaw joint is an adjunct therapy for patients with CMD and aims to regenerate the jaw joint. Med. BodyForming also offers physical therapy by specialists certified in the treatment of patients with CMD. These adjunct treatments may be coordinated with your regular dental appointments for best results and your convenience.